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A forum for anyone who likes the Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series and the Kingdom Hearts games themselves.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 11:35 pm

Bad things to do in this forum:

1. No Swearing: This is a forum for kids and adults alike. Please try and honor that by not swearing.

2. No Pornography: Any such posts with pictures of this kind is not liked in the least, and the poster will be banned right away.

3. No Trolling/Flaming/Spamming: No one likes it when someone is purposfully being annoying. And no one likes to hear hate messages constantly. Spamming random stuff in areas they shouldn't belong or repeatedly posting the same message is not allowed either. Let's try to be as friendly as possible, okay?

4. Be on topic: Try to stay on topic as best as you can. There are areas all over this forum for all kinds of discussion. Remember that.

5. Do not give your password or any other personal information: Doing so could create havoc, and if I find out if anyone is doing such a deed, they will be banned.

6. Bumping/Double Posting: Unless a day passes with no posts in a topic, do not bump. Also, Double Posting is not allowed. Double Posting is where you post something, and then post something else directly afterwards. It doesn't mean you can't post twice in a topic. Razz If you have something to say, you can always edit your message, or wait patiently for someone else to post and then you can post again.

7. Signature Rule: Do not have a Signature with an image that is too big. Doing so can cause large loading times for some users.

8. Spoiler warning: When creating a topic that will say something that might spoil a crucial part of a game, be sure to add a *SPOILERS* message next to your topic title. If your posting something that might have a spoiler, be sure to either say SPOILER! and have the spoiler message further down your post, or turn the color of your text to a black/grayish color so only highlighting the message will reveal what is said.

Other things you should know:

If you have any other sort of question, be sure to PM either myself or TheAuthorEmoCrys. If its something that can be said in the Site Help/Suggestions section on this forum though, put it there instead.

As long as you obey the rules, this forum should be a happy one. Smile
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Forum Rules
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