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 Are you having trouble?

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PostSubject: Are you having trouble?   Are you having trouble? Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 6:46 am

I've been hearing that a few people are having a lot of trouble in this game(i.e. dying a lot[yes Author, I'm looking at you]). Well, that's probably because you don't have any abilities. How do you get these abilities? By using "Meld Commands", which you can find under "Edit Deck". Here's a chart to help you out(taken from Gamefaqs):

Are you having trouble? Kingdom_hearts_bbs_ability_creation

The ones that'll really help beat the game is HP Boost(raises HP by 10%; can also have 3 of these abilities), Second Chance(always survive by 1 HP if above 1HP), Once More(you won't die from a combo), and Leaf Bracer(invincibility when healing yourself).

Now before you start doing this, I must warn you: YOU CANNOT MELD A COMMAND RIGHT AWAY. If you've noticed, your commands actually level up. When fully leveled up, you'll see a Crown symbol next to your command in the menu. That's when you can use them in Meld Commands. So you're gonna have to be doing plenty of fighting to level your commands up. If you're far in the game though, this shouldn't be a problem. Just go to Neverland and fight a few enemies. They should level up fast.

Also, when you have Melded your command, you'll notice that you have a new one, with the ability attached to it. Does that mean you have to always equip the command in order to have that ability? No, you don't. If you completely level up that command, you will permanently learn that ability.

This isn't as hard as it sounds, in fact, its REALLY EASY. And once you do get this done, you'll be really happy you did. Smile

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Are you having trouble?
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